Solution for humanitarian missions

Complete solution for security, data collection and help distribution

Main role of NGOs is to quickly assess the situation in a field, collect and analyze important data in order to identify and categorize beneficiaries. At the same time they have to consider security of personnel in the terrain.

Track and protect

Protect your personnel in real time by keeping an eye on their location and movement. We provide GPS, GSM and satellite trackers for personnel and vehicle protection. Everything is shown directly in the map.

Situation assesment

Local maps make it easy to find and update status of beneficiaries. Mark beneficiaries and their status directly in the interactive map.

Field data collection

Simple collection of reports from the field, definition of custom forms and their quick sharing. Save time and minimize amount of paperwork.

GINA products for humanitarian missions

Our products combine GINA Central for clear map overview and GINA Messengers with vehicle trackers for keeping your personnel and vehicles safe.

1. Mission Management

The first part of our solution for humanitarian mission is focused on establishing and updating overview of beneficiaries and personnel in the field.

GINA Central

The heart of operations. GINA Central features local maps worldwide that you can use to create a list of beneficiaries directly in the map and update them based on priorities and help provided. GINA Central also lets you see location, speed and direction of personnel and vehicles in the field. It can also save time by creating automatic reports of the activities.

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2. Security Tracking

Second part is focused on protection of personnel and vehicle directly in the field.

GINA Messenger

Mobile app for personnel and security managers. Install on Android to keep up with recent developments in the area. Broadcast and receive real-time updates and create reports directly in the app. Use GPS in your phone to be tracked in case of emergency.

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Vehicle tracker

Insert GINA tracker into vehicles to maintain control over their location, speed and direction. GINA Vehicle tracker can be installed secretly in any car so not even the driver knows that the car is tracked, which is useful for theft prevention. GINA trackers use GPS and GSM tracking.

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Iridium network

Iridium is the world largest satellite network. Iridium is useful when you are outside GPS/GSM signal but you need fast and reliable tracking updates.

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