Solution for special ops

Complete solution for one time large scale events like S&R, demonstrations, anti-riot and floods.

In emergency situations the most important thing is to maintain control in order to resolve the situation as fast as possible. The faster you can operate, the less damage on lives and properties will be made.


Local maps provide you with accurate overview for orientation and preparation. Prepare sectors, perimeters and search or patrol areas and mark them directly in an interactive map layers.

Coordination in terrain

Equip units with GPS/GSM/satellite trackers for real-time overview over their position and movement. Coordinate with them based on real-time development. You can also use GINA to coordinate with other task forces.

Reporting & evidence handling

Unites are able to send updates and photos directly from the field. Every photo is geolocated which helps with evidence tracking and reporting.

GINA products for special ops

Our products combine GINA Central for clear operations management and overview and GINA Messenger with personnel trackers for tracking and coordination from the field.

1. Mission control overview

Mission control provides actionable overview for operations that can be use to effectively manage the situation.

GINA Central

The heart of operations. GINA Central provides map overview for operations with real-time updates to and from the field. Use GINA Central to divide area into sectors and give commands to units based on the latest development in the field.

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2. Units tracking and coordination

Second part is focused on tracking and coordinating units directly in the field.

GINA Messenger

GINA Messenger is used by units in terrain that need to maintain overview in the field. Its' two-way communication is ideal for orientation in terrain, coordination and real-time updates. Use GINA Messenger to take photographs and create reports for operations. GINA Messenger uses GPS and GSM system for communication.

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GINA Tracking

Use GINA tracker for personnel and vehicles tracking and control over their location, speed and direction. GINA trackers use GPS and GSM tracking.

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GINA Intervention Tablet

GINA Intervention Tablet is useful, when you need to control, plan and manage situation directly in the field. GINA Tablet is useful for real-time communication and coordination with other units.

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